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Terms of Service.

Please take the time to read through thoroughly and ensure that you fully understand these Terms of Service before working with or purchasing from LGCreates. 

Payment Policy 
Pricing and service rates/fees listed on my website ( are subject to change at any time. Pricing is firm and non-negotiable, unless LGCreates has made special arrangements with "The Client" ("The Customer, "You") stating otherwise.
Payments must be made, and successfully processed before any project has begun. Deposits are not eligible for any service listed on Payment plans and pay-later options are available for clients who would like to divide their payments in installments. 

Refunds & Cancellations
"The Client" understands and agrees to the fact that LGCreates does not provide refunds for any services, once production has begun. Therefore, all projects are subject to 100% non-refundable payment from client, unless stated otherwise by LGCreates. 
Clients have a 24-hour window after the payment is submitted to determine whether or not they want to move forward in the production of a project. Buyer's remorse is not a valid excuse for cancellations, so it is strongly advised that clients carefully consider this before submitting payments and submitting order forms.  If for any reason the client decides to cancel a service after it has already been started by The Designer and/or paid, the full or partial payment amount will not be refunded.  

In the event that LGCreates is faulty for whatever reason, accommodations may be made.

Drafts & Revisions

Once drafts are sent over to the client, it is the client's responsibility to respond and notify the designer of any revisions in a timely manner.  If there is no response from the client within 7 business days (M-F), the project may be canceled and payment may be forfeited. This also applies if the final project is sent over to the client and there is no response or sign of approval, the files will be deleted and there will be no opportunity for revisions on the project on behalf of LGCreates.  Drafts of any kind are for approval purposes only. Drafts are not to be manipulated, copied, or distributed for additional use. All drafts remain the property of LGCreates until projects are approved, finalized, and sent over to the client.

Revisions are considered up to 2 times, free of charge. The client must keep in mind that revisions are not an opportunity to request a full redesign. Revisions must not be drastically different from original ideas. Minor changes include all, but are not limited to, color, font, movement of elements, or typos made on the designer’s
behalf. Drastic changes that are deemed completely different ideas, will be subject to revision fees. Revision fees range from $15-$100. Revision fees must also be paid before the revision is made.  

Restart Fee 
When a client becomes unresponsive, it pushes them back into the design queue. For this reason, when a project pauses for more than 14 business days, a restart fee of $50 will be applied to pick back up where it last left off. 

Turnaround Time 
LGCreates strives to complete projects within a timely manner, and in correlation with turnaround time guarantees. Turnaround time varies based on the content of the design and ranges from 5-10 business days (M-F). Turnaround time does not include Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), Holidays, or personal holidays, such as a birthday. The client will be notified if there’s an extenuating circumstance delaying the completion of their project.  

Rush orders are available on an individual basis. The client must request a rush order via email. If the rush order is approved, the client must be willing and able to submit applicable fees associated with rush orders.  

Standard Timeframes:
PROJECTS: 3-10 business days 
REVISIONS: 3 - 5 business days

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