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Terms of Service.

Please take the time to read through thoroughly and ensure that you fully understand these Terms of Service before working with or purchasing from LGCreates. 

Pricing and service rates/fees listed on my website ( is subject to change at any time without notification.  Pricing is firm and non-negotiable, unless LGCreates has made special arrangements with "The Client" ("The Customer, "You") stating otherwise.
-  Full payments must be made before any project has began. Deposits are not eligible for any service listed on Payment plans such as SEZZLE are integrated for customers who wish to make payment installments. 
Projects will not  begin until payment has been successfully processed. The current payment methods to pay for any design services is PayPal, Credit Card/Mastercard, SEZZLE, ApplePay, and Cashapp. 


"The Client" understands and agrees to the fact that LGCreates does not provide refunds for any services, once production has began. Therefore, all projects are subject to 100% non-refundable payment from client, unless stated otherwise by LGCreates. 
- It is recommended to give all projects ample time to be completed. If for any reason the client decides to cancel a service after it has already been started by The Designer and/or paid, the full or partial payment amount will not be refunded.  

- In the event that LGCreates is faulty for whatever reason, accommodations may be made. 

- Once proofs are sent over to the client, and in the case that there is no response from the client within 7 business days (M-F), the project may be cancelled and payment may be forfeited. This also applies if the final project is sent over to the client and there is no response or sign of approval, the files will be deleted and there will be no opportunity for revisions on the project on behalf of LGCreates. 


Drafts of any kind are for approval purposes only. Drafts are not to be manipulated, copied, or distributed for additonal use. All drafts remain the property of LGCreates until projects are approved, finalized, and sent over to the client. 


In the event that "The Client" chooses to dispute their charge through their issued bank or after agreeing to terms of services, received any sorts of drafts, or services have been rendered, that client will face charges for Chargeback fraud. 
"The Client" understands and agrees to the fact that Chargeback/Disputes are not permitted and that these actions will automatically result in legal charges against the client. 


LGCreates produces one overall design for all projects. The design created is only subject to minor changes. Revisions are considered up to 2 times, free of charge. The client must keep in mind that revisions are not an opportunity to request a full redesign. Revisions must not be drastically different from original ideas. Minor changes include all, but are not limited to, color, font, movement of elements, or typos made on the designer’s behalf. Drastic changes that are deemed completely different ideas, will be subject to revision fees. Revision fees range from $15-$100. Revision fees must also be paid before the revision is made. 
"The Client" understands and agrees to the fact that all revisions are not free, and may result in additional fees. These fees do and will vary, considering the various amount of services that LGCreates offers. 


- LGCreates strives to complete projects within a timely manner, and in correlation with turnaround time guarantees. Turnaround time ranges from 3-5 business days (M-F) for social media content and flyer designs. Motion design projects such as youtube intros and video editing projects have a turnaround time of 5 - 7 business days. Logo designs, website designs, and any other brand identity projects have a turnaround time of 7-10 business days. 
- Turnaround time does not include Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), Holidays, or personal holidays, such as a birthday. 
- Although these are the given turnaround times, delays, workload, and communication between the client and LGCreates or personal circumstances, must also be taken into consideration should the turnaround time exceed the standard timeframe. The client will be notified if there’s an extenuating circumstance delaying the completion of their project.  

Rush orders are available on an individual basis. The client must request a rush order via email. If the rush order is approved, the client must be willing and able to submit applicable fees associated with rush orders.  

Standard Timeframes:
PROJECTS: 3-10 business days 
REVISIONS: 3 - 5 business days


It is extremely important for the client to have some general idea for their desired design and projects. Basic concepts at least, are important to execute designs, as a designer. LGCreates does not freestyle any designs. Order forms are included in every order, so it is fundamental for clients to fill out the order form in the most detailed way. LGCreates also welcomes the client to send supplemental information, ideas, and attachments via email.  Clients are required to submit all high-quality and non-pixelated photos for their projects if needed. Professional photos are recommended. 
- Please be sure to submit all information and check for any spell errors. All details must be submitted precisely. 

- Project Information should be submitted through order form or via email. It is the client's responsibility to make sure that I have all of the information in a timely manner. I will not contact or send reminders to make sure all information is submitted. For every day that I do not have the information pertaining to project specifications, your turnaround time is being delayed. For example, if you submit an order form that does not have the information for your project and it takes 5 days for me to receive it, your turnaround time is subject to a 5 business day delay. Please be mindful of this.  


- Communication between LGCreates and the client is best conducted via email.
- I do not provide updates until I, The Designer, contact the client with drafts or updates regarding the project. I value my creativity, so it is important for me to not be harassed or interrupted during the process. LGCreates politely asks and actively enforces that clients do not contact me regarding project updates before the deadline. 
- If experiencing rush, harassment, or disrespect on the behalf of the client, I will cancel the project production, and payment from the client will be forfeited. 


- All final projects will be sent to the client via email. Logo designs will always be sent in PNG and JPG format. Other digital products, such as Business Cards, E-Flyers, etc. will also be sent in JPG or PNG formats. If PDF format is needed, the client will have to notify LGCreates. Once a project has been finalized and files have been delivered to the client, that client owns all rights to the files. There will be no opportunity for revisions or modifications to files after the final project has been approved by the client. Copyrighting and/or trademarking a logo created by LGCreates is solely up to the client, with no responsibility being held on LGCreates.

- Once designs have been completed you give LGCreates the rights to use for portfolio or marketing purposes unless otherwise discussed.

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